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4/28/08 - Dr. Kirk Little presents to the Cincinnati Academy of
Professional Psychology (CAPP)

Dr. Kirk Little will make a presentation to the Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychology (CAPP) the evening of 4/28/08 entitled:

“When nothing else seems to work: The promise of Neurofeedback.”

Sometimes patients in our practices are slow to learn and change, or seem stuck in harmful, self-defeating patterns that are resistant to our best therapeutic efforts. These more challenging patients may have hidden neurological problems that make it difficult for them to acquire new ways of thinking and behaving. Problems with AD/HD, Learning Disabilities, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, or subclinical seizures are just a few of the possible problems that might be interfering with the effectiveness of traditional medical and psychotherapeutic approaches. QEEG-guided Neurofeedback uses a brain-based operant conditioning paradigm to harness the brain's natural power to modify itself in response to new learning. Dr. Little will describe and demonstrate how Neurofeedback helps those patients who are stuck in a rut to modify the functioning of their own brains for reduced symptoms and improved well-being.

3/08 - Dr. Kirk Little makes book contribution
Dr. Kirk Little has been chosen, along with Joel Lubar as his co-author, to write a chapter in an edited book entitled “Integrative Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine: Perspectives, Practices and Research”. It is to be published by Springer Publishing with an expected release date some time in early 2009. The title of Dr. Little's chapter is: “Neurofeedback: A Non-Psychopharmaceutical Approach to the Treatment of ADD, Depression and Enhancement of Cognitive Performance.”

1/6/08 - Dr. Kirk Little provides insight into kids drawn to “thrill seeking” behavior
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1/6/08 - Dr. Kirk Little provides insight into kids drawn to “thrill seeking” behavior in Enquirer article.
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