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Located in Florence, KY, Little Neurotherapy Center was founded in 2006 by Dr. Kirk Little.

Dr. Little has had extensive education and training in neuropsychological assessment and treatment, and has tested and treated thousands of patients with neurologically based disorders. These include ADHD, learning disabilities, head injuries, Asperger’s, Dementia, Stroke, and many others. Although he was able to help patients and their families understand and cope with their problems, he remained frustrated by his inability to treat the underlying brain disorder. Determined to find an alternative, he discovered Neurotherapy, a treatment that uses biofeedback to change brainwave patterns in order to improve brain function.

Dr. Little began his training in neurofeedback by consulting with the world’s leading expert on it’s application to AD/HD, Dr. Joel Lubar. One of the founding fathers of neurotherapy, Dr. Lubar published the first study on neurotherapy for AD/HD children in the 1970s and has amassed more than 35 years of research and clinical experience since those pioneering days. Dr. Little received a week-long intensive training in Neurofeedback from Dr. Lubar in January of 2006, and they have consulted on a weekly basis, by telephone and in person, since that time. This is just one of the ways that Dr. Little ensures his patients are able to receive the best, most scientifically informed treatment possible.

Another way Dr. Little ensures he is able to offer safe, effective treatments to his patients is by using Neurofeedback for his own self-regulation. As of January 2008, Dr. Little had completed over 500 training sessions on himself. By doing so, not only is he able to improve his own self-regulation, but he is able to understand first hand the power Neurofeedback has to change the quality of peoples’ lives.

Once Dr. Little began administering neurotherapy treatments to patients in early 2006, he was able to see directly how quickly patients could improve without the need for medication, and how effective neurotherapy is for many different disorders. So impressed by his patients’ successes, he committed to doing neurotherapy full-time, and has become the region’s leading expert in the administration of QEEG-guided Neurofeedback.

Dr. Little is a member of the International Society for Neurofeedback (ISNR) and Research, and is currently part of a ISNR-funded, national multi-site research project to test the efficacy of neurotherapy for people with mild traumatic brain injuries.

Dr. Little and the staff at Little Neurotherapy Center are deeply committed to helping people take control over their own well-being and reach their personal goals.

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