Assertiveness Skills Group
Our assertiveness training is designed to teach people how to behave and communicate in a confident, clear and assertive manner. It is for people who have difficulties in their relationships with others. Participants learn how to set limits with others, to say no and to ask others for help when appropriate. By learning these skills, participants can improve their confidence and self esteem and learn how to meet their own needs without hurting others.

Self Esteem Group for Women
Our self-esteem group focuses on helping women learn to value themselves and to feel a sense of self worth and importance. It is for women who are self-critical, and may feel shame about their appearance, intellect or value as a human being. Designed for women only, this group is a safe and supportive place to meet other people who struggle with the same issues. You will learn specific skills to improve your self esteem and feel better about yourself.

Distress Tolerance Skills Group
This group is designed to teach members specific skills for managing painful feelings. It is for individuals who often resort to self-destructive behaviors to cope such as self-mutilation, binge eating or using alcohol or drugs. Specific skills such as distraction, self-soothing, acceptance and mindfulness are taught.

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