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Located in Florence, KY, Little Psychological Services was founded by Drs. Kirk and Laurie Little, who met while earning their doctorate degrees in clinical psychology at the University of Hartford.

In 2002, the Littles’ shared desire to have an independent practice became a reality when they opened Little Psychological Services. Through word of mouth, Little Psychological Services quickly received more new patients than they could treat. To meet this rapidly increasing patient demand, child and adolescent specialist Dr. Teri Caudill joined the team. Capacity was quickly reached again, leading to the addition of another child and adolescent specialist, Dr. Suzanne Collins. The practice now consists of four clinical psychologists, offering traditional psychotherapy and neurotherapy, and full and part-time office staff.

Over the years, Dr. Kirk Little has treated many patients with neurologically based disorders such as: ADHD, learning disabilities, head injuries and Asperger’s/ autism. Although he was able to help patients and their families accept and cope with their problems, he remained frustrated by his inability to treat the underlying brain disorder. Determined to find an alternative, he discovered Neurotherapy, a treatment that uses biofeedback to change brainwave patterns in order to improve brain function. In 2006, Little Neurotherapy Center was launched and Dr. Little is now the region’s leading expert for administering neurotherapy treatment.

Dr. Laurie Little has developed a specialty that focuses on diagnosing and treating issues particular to women such as eating disorders, obesity, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Little conducts pre-surgical psychological assessments for patients preparing for weight loss surgery. She also does psychotherapy for patients with difficulties adjusting to life changes following weight loss surgery.

Both Dr. Teri Caudill and Dr. Suzanne Collins joined the practice due to their expertise in treating children and adolescents, a growing patient population in the area. While Dr. Caudill specializes in working with adolescent females, particularly those that are depressed or impulsive, Dr. Collins specializes in working with children and adolescents with medical problems. After observing the positive impact that Dr. Little has had using neurofeedback with his patients, both Dr. Caudill and Dr. Collins decided to incorporate neurofeedback into their own work with patients.

All of the professional and support staff at Little Psychological Services and Little Neurotherapy Center are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment. Each patient is treated with the kindness, compassion and respect that all people deserve. All of the staff is deeply committed to helping people take control over their own well-being and reach their personal goals.

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